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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mom,

God bless you! You have been given a precious gift and your willingness to consider all options in order to make the right decision for your baby is a beautiful testament to the strength of your spirit. Please know that you are in our prayers. We support your choice whether you decide to place your baby with us, someone else, or choose to parent yourself. You will know the best path when the time comes.

Sarah and I were married in 2008, after a whirlwind courtship and with hopes of having a large family. It took about three years before we conceived our first child, a boy we named Clarence. Five years of secondary infertility and many prayers followed. Unexpectedly, Sarah discovered she was carrying another child. We rejoiced, telling our family and friends the wonderful news.

At the first ultrasound appointment, we heard the worst words a parent can hear: “There’s no heartbeat.” It was a devastating loss, not only for us, but also for Clarence, who had already begun planning the Big Brother things he would do with his sibling.

Since this loss, Sarah and I have realized that God put the desire for more children in our hearts for a reason. We have witnessed the beauty of adoption through friends and family members and strongly believe that God’s will is for us to grow our family through adoption.

We believe that any children we have should be given the opportunity to maintain a relationship with the people who love them. This includes their biological family. Regular visits, shared photos, and FaceTime calls are all options we are open to. Collaboration and finding mutually agreeable opportunities to maintain the relationship would be the key.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and review our portfolio.

Very truly yours,

Russ and Sarah

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