Craft Family Adoption

Dear Friends and Family!

We are excited to announce that we are adopting from Taiwan! As many of you know, adoption has been close to our hearts for many years and we have dreamed about the day we ourselves would be able to adopt.

Adoption is a life changing process in many ways, and we would be grateful for your support to bring our child home. There are several ways you can help:

1. First and foremost, we need your prayers.
Pray for our daughter who will be joining our family. Adoption is born out of loss. Please pray for our daughter as she will be navigating many emotions and changes. Pray that her heart will be open to loving and trusting us, and that we will be able to meet her where she is emotionally. Also pray for her birth family, that they would have peace and healing.

Pray that God will give Justin and I wisdom as we navigate our adoption journey. Pray that Justin and I will continue to be on the same page and stay connected. Also, that we would be able to discern God’s calling from our own plans.

Pray for our sons; Benaiah, Azariah and Kenaniah as they prepare to welcome a new sibling into their home. They are very excited at the idea of welcoming a little sister, but we know that the adjustment period will be a big change for them. Pray they will have open hearts and patient spirits.

2. We would welcome financial gifts. Quite frankly, it is a stretch for us and we are trusting God to meet our needs. In the short-term, we will have around $10,000 in adoption-related expenses over the next 3-4 months. The total cost to adopt one child ranges from $35,000-$50,000. We know that this is an overwhelming number, but we also know God will help us reach this goal to bring our daughter home.

3.We are working on some creative fundraising projects that we will be letting you know about in the near future. If you have some ideas or would like to help with fundraising, please let us know!

Shannon’s journey to motherhood

Hello- My name is Shannon, I am single, live in the Midwest, I own my own home & run my own business. I’ve always wanted to be a mother regardless of how that family was built. I thought my (ex) husband was on the same page but apparently his feelings changed along the way and we divorced. I took some time to get to know myself as a single person and then I began my adoption journey.
Every corner of the adoption triad comes with challenges, blessings and life altering moments. I’ve gone through a few of those already on my way to finding my forever family. I strongly believe that the biological family becomes my family if I am chosen to adopt. Family only grows, it doesn’t shrink. I have so much love to give and I am hopeful to be given the opportunity .
Here’s a little video of me and my family talking about this adoption journey!

I am open to a private adoption or adoption through foster care of a child ange infant to 2 years old. I welcome an open adoption plan but will honor parents wishes if they prefer semi-open or closed plan.
I hope you will consider reaching out.

Answering The Call!

My name is Joshua and my Wife's name is Danielle! We have been married for nearly 2 years (this coming April). Adoption has a special place in our lives, my Wife was Adopted into her family, and My Mother was adopted into the family I was raised in. We also adopted my youngest brother who is 8! We have struggled to have Children due to several factors and have both had a strong interest in adoption! After prayerful consideration and consulting our Church family, we have recognized Gods call on our lives to pursue adoption at this time! We are eager and excited to start our very own family!

Unity, liberty, love

Well before we were married we wanted to adopt. The image of this kind of unity is like the image of heaven. It’s absolutely beautiful.
This year we started to explore adoption programs and as we learned more there was a refining and the desire to adopt became clearer that this is what is our next right step.
We are excited to grow our family with a younger sibling to our almost 5 year old.
We have a summer camp ministry that we are thrilled that our children will grow up playing, learning and meeting so many new kids every year!

We intend to adopt also from Kenya when they open up. That was the first place our hearts were set on fire for. But until then, Taiwan is calling and we must go!