In 2006 Detsky Dom Partners was formed in order to bring orphans from Russia to the US for short term tours. These talented kids would sing and dance, while raising awareness about the needs of orphans worldwide. Many of these kids were available for adoption, and they inspired families to adopt older children.

Switching to a more global vision, Detsky Dom changed it's name to Every Child Has a Name (ECHAN) in 2011. ECHAN now addresses the concerns of orphans worldwide, and supports a wide spectrum of work. The five primary areas of focus spell the word STARS:

  • Scholarships for adoption
  • Training for children who age out of orphanages
  • Aid for orphanages
  • Rescue for children caught in trafficking
  • Sponsorship of orphan tours

Thank you for your interest in addressing the global orphan crisis, which now affects over 168,000,000 children.

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Every Child Has a Name is a Humanitarian Orphan Care Ministry