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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother,

It is Thanksgiving day and we are reflecting on how grateful we are for you.  Even though we have not met, we pray for you, and honor you for your selfless and courageous decision.  We thank you for taking this moment to review our portfolio and hope it will provide insight into who we are and what we can offer a child.

We are Kevin and Ann.  We met as long term volunteers for a mission organization.  Sharing a love for nature and God, we began spending our time exploring the forest and sharing our Faith, which drew our hearts together. We've been married for nine adventurous and blessed years and along with marriage came the strong desire for children.  Early in our marriage, we experienced a miscarriage and have never conceived another child.  As time passed we felt our hearts drawn to adoption which offers us a chance to realize our dreams of loving and nurturing a child.

Kevin, who was raised in a coastal state, is an ordained Deacon in the Catholic church and employed by a charity as a carpenter to assist families with home repairs that they otherwise would not be able to afford.  Ann, a farm girl from the Midwest, enjoys working with children as a Speech Therapist in a school system.  She looks forward to breaks and summer vacations at home with a child.  Our beautiful home is on five, peaceful, wooded acres. We have wonderful neighbors with children with whom a child could explore the neighborhood.  We have supportive friends and family who prayerfully anticipate meeting the child we adopt.

Our Catholic faith is a source of strength and hope for us and inspires us to enjoy visiting the homebound from our church and being chaperons on youth mission trips.  Our love and care for others and God is something we would try pass on.  We have a life rich with activities and interests that we long to share with a child.  Kevin envisions passing on his creative skills of carpentry, welding, and mechanics.  He hopes to design and build play houses and forts for our yard.  Ann would delight in a surprised look as a child discovers the vegetables that grow from the tiny seeds they plant together.  Similar to her childhood experiences, Ann dreams of reading stories, followed by bedtime prayers with a child thus passing on her passion for reading and her love of God.  We foresee weekend camping trips, kayaking to a favorite picnic spot, and frequent visits to see Grandparents and extended family.  We would encourage your child to explore their gifts, talents, and interests.

We are aware that this decision is a difficult one for you, and we pray that you have wisdom and peace as you determine the best choices for yourself and your child.  We would be honored if you choose to entrust us to share in the blessing of your child.

Blessings and Peace,

Kevin and Ann