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Domestic Adoption

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!  We hope this glimpse at our profile will give you a true picture of our hearts.  We are so grateful for the chance to be parents and we know we wouldn't have this opportunity without you!

We cannot imagine what your journey has been like. When we think about you we are so in awe of your strength, bravery, selflessness and your love for your child.  We know you want what is best for your baby.  And, we just pray you will find us to be all you hope for your child. 

A little about us:

We were married in 2004.  We tried for many years to start a family, but we were unable to get pregnant.  After many tests, surgeries and treatments we were finally able to conceive, but we lost each baby to miscarriage.  We have prayed throughout this journey for God's guidance and we truly believe adoption is the path He has for us.

We both work in the medical field currently and Casey is studying to be an elementary teacher. Casey plans to stay home fulltime with our child the first few years and then will begin teaching elementary school.  Chad will also be home in the beginning to bond with the baby and has the ability to work from home whenever needed.

We both love traveling and we look forward to family vacations.  We love going to the movies, trying new restaurants and spending time outdoors.  We have a big backyard that's perfect for playing and a sweet little dog named Sadie Sue who is ready for a little brother or sister to play with.  After so many years we can't believe we're finally here and we are just so ready to be parents!

Our promise to you:

More than anything we want you to know we will love your child unconditionally and we will devote our lives to giving him or her all the love, security and joy we can offer.  We often think and pray about the day our life will be forever changed by someone we have not yet met.  We are so thankful for you and we cannot wait to meet you!

During this time of decision, we pray you will find the path that is best for you and for your baby.  If that path should lead to us we will be waiting with open arms and grateful hearts.

We pray God's blessings for you!


With Our Deep Admiration,

Chad & Casey

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