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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mom,   We’ve always known we were unable to give birth to a child as Dianne was born with a chromosome disorder that left her unable to have children. We have been praying about our future family and have asked God to give us the blessing of loving and caring for a child through adoption. We are honored that you would consider us as parents for your child.   How We Met We met through mutual college friends in 2005 and as our friendship grew, we discovered how much we had in common. We began dating in the fall of 2007. Bret liked that we could talk about any topic and Dianne was attracted to Bret’s sense of humor. We were engaged in March 2009 and were married in June of 2010 with the love and support of our family and friends.   Our Interests and Careers We are passionate about growing closer to Jesus every day and love to spend time with our families, volunteering with a state wide dog rescue group, watching movies, cooking and attending a local Methodist Church. With Bret being a coach/teacher with a degree in Criminal Justice and Dianne working as a Lactation Consultant with her Nursing degree only three days a week, our flexible schedules allow us to spend a lot of time together as a family and minimize any outside daycare. If we adopted your child, he or she would spend most time at home with us, with any extra time with their grandparents. Bret’s parents, Terri and Randy, live only 10 minutes away and can’t wait to babysit! Bret enjoys working and riding on his motorcycle and also enjoys taking part in shooting competitions. Dianne enjoys reading, shopping, and volunteering for the dog rescue and through work with March of Dimes that funds research for premature infants.   We want you to know that our entire family lives close to us and are so supportive and excited about our family growing. We are so eager to become parents through an open adoption. We look forward to being active within the adoptive community where we live as well as our child getting to know the other adoptive families, including their young cousin who is also adopted! We also hope to continue to be involved within our neighborhood as we grow our family. We live down the street from an elementary school and have lots of young families in our neighborhood that continues to grow.   Thank you for considering us with your child’s hopes and dreams and we hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives and shares a little more about us. We will always strive to be loving, nurturing parents. You and your baby are in our daily prayers. We look forward to sending pictures, letters, and scheduling visits and utilizing social media so that you can keep updated and involved as your baby grows up.   Much love and many blessings, Bret and Dianne

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