No Matter What Age

Our family is your 'typical' American family - 2 biological children - 1 boy and 1 girl. We are part of a church where adoption is a familiar term due to the number of families there that have decided to open their homes and hearts to be forever families. We had been feeling a tug at our hearts for adoption mainly through a family that had hosted a boy from China in 2015 and then eventually adopted him. It was during their fundraising that we heard a presentation from Nightlight Christian Adoptions and decided that this was what God wanted us to do. Of course, with adoption comes a financial commitment to raise money. BUT we were at the point where Kevin had retired from the military and we had been waiting for over 6 months for his Veterans' Affairs disability determination. We made the decision to step out in faith and say that we were going to adopt on a Friday. That following Monday, we received the VA determination and it was a much higher rate than we had hoped for. This was a great gift from God to provide for our daily needs. We knew that since God was calling us to adopt, He will provide for the adoption, through all of His children.

After we started the adoption process, we saw that Nightlight was doing the summer hosting program again and would have girls in the program. We truly felt that God was leading us to adopt an older girl from China. After reviewing all of the profiles of the children available for hosting, we decided to host Mariana, a 12-year-old girl with cataracts. The two weeks that she was here was truly an adventure, and we are looking forward to continuing the adventure as a journey for a lifetime!

Four Haffs Make a Whole

Shane and I have rarely been on the same page when it comes to wanting children in our marriage. Our biological son, Allen, was a surprise. And although we would never go back and change anything about our sweet boy, we wanted the next child (if there was going to be one) to be something we agreed and planned on. After months of prayer and discussion, we moved forward and decided to grow our family through adoption. It wasn't long after our first meeting with our agency that we were matched with our daughter. We have a daughter! She is beautiful- she has captured our hearts and we haven't even gotten to meet her. We have named her Ruth, she is approximately 2 and a half years old and we will get to go meet her later this year (per Nigeria's 12 month mandatory waiting period). We are so anxious to get our baby girl home! We so appreciate your willingness to give to Ruthie's adoption fund. As a donor, you will be a part of changing this little girl's life- and ours. Thank you!

Our Family Journey

We are a family of four - a dad, mom, and two wonderful boys. We also have a little one waiting to meet us on the other side of heaven. Our adoption journey began for me, Danielle, in my heart, when I was a teenager. I had a love for orphans and those children who were left without the love of a mother and father. When I got married, I wanted to make sure the man I married had a heart for adoption, whether we had our own kids or not. He did! A year after we were married, God blessed us with our first son, and then fifteen months later another son! My pregnancies were both difficult, and we almost lost our second son at eighteen weeks. Then, for eight years I could not seem to get pregnant again. We despaeratly wanted more children, but it was not in God's plan. One day, I had severe pains that brought me to the E.R., and I found out I was pregnant. The next day, I had emergency surgery and we lost the baby. We were devastated. However, through it all, we held strong to our faith, and believed that God had a plan for our lives. If that meant just the two boys, then we would continue to raise them with the same love and affection as always. As I healed both physically and emotionally, the desire to adopt became stronger. Both Kevin and I are pursuing adopting now, and we look forward to loving and raising whatever child God gives us. Please help us provide a home for a child or children that wouldn't otherwise have one. We do not want money to be an obstacle in them finding their forever family. We need your prayers and help! God bless, the Williams.

Adoption is our miracle

Christian and I met in College, and after about three years of a beautiful love story, we decided to get married. I am adopted. So adoption has always been our plan to add to our family. Through the miracle of adoption, we have two beautiful girls. Emma is almost 7, and Elianna is 3. They are the light of our lives. We are praying to add to our family once more through adoption.

Looking for younger brother or sister

Orlando is our 6 year old boy. We are looking for a younger brother or sister for him. Orlando is playful, loves to help, very active, and is always asking for a little brother or sister. We are sure there is a little boy or girl that we can love as much as Orlando. We are originally from Colombia, South America, and would like to find someone from our home country.

The Sands Waiting Story

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We as a family are truly blessed to be writing you this letter. You and I have very different circumstances but our circumstances are very much the same. You have an unplanned pregnancy, yet you love the child you will give birth to. I cannot have a second child, but would love for our family to grow. After the birth of our daughter Leah, four years ago, I was misdiagnosed with Endometriosis. Endometriosis has destroyed my right fallopian tube and caused me to loose my left tube. Through the course of two surgeries the only way for us to get pregnant again is to try IVF. My husband and I discussed IVF but decided against it because when I was pregnant with Leah I became very sick with a syndrome called HELLP. It caused my platelets to drop and Leah was born 6 weeks early. Leah spent 5 weeks in the NICU. Watching the pain on my husband's face through the birth of Leah and two surgeries from Endometriosis, I could not put him through any more worry and upset. In the course of four years, I was so busy trying to cure my body and find a way to get pregnant we failed to see that God had a bigger plan for our family. Through prayer, support from friends and family and a true desire to have a second child we want to adopt a baby into our home whom we can love and cherish.

Brian and I have been with each other for 15 years. We met 15 years ago at Wilson High School on a blind date for the Winter formal. I had asked my friend Lindy if she knew of anyone and she said she knew a boy in her art class that might be interested. After a phone call, Brian and I met at a Taco Bell. We continued to date for five years and then decided to get married in 2004. We graduated college at different times. I finished my BA and credential in Art Education in 2006 and Brian graduated with an Electrical Certificate and Journeyman's License in 2009. I currently am a high school art teacher and Brian works as a Locomotive Diesel Electrician for the Union Pacific Railroad.

After adopting, we will continue to work fulltime and our child will be at our home with their grandmothers two days a week and at a home daycare three days a week. Our families live locally so it has been a blessing to have Leah bond with her grandmothers and has given her a chance to meet other children at either a home daycare or her current preschool. Leah has been attending a private, Christian, preschool for two years and has blossomed socially and academically. She has been attending gymnastics at school and has taken ballet. She will attend a neighborhood kindergarten starting in the fall. It is a few blocks away from our house which is very familiar to her. She spends a lot of time at our local library and park.

Brian and I have owned our home for 8 years and have been very happy raising Leah in our neighborhood. One of the things that attracted us to our neighborhood were the trees. We have spent time growing lots of plants and vegetables in our backyard. Leah is quiet the gardener. It is a place to relax and watch Leah grow up. When Brian and I are not working, we enjoy taking Leah to museums, doing art projects, reading stories, going for walks in the Nature Center, going on play dates, going to Disneyland, going to the San Diego Zoo and to spend time with our family. Brian and I respect and cherish our families. Monthly we visit both sets of Leah's grandparents' houses. Depending on your comfort level, we would love to have an open relationship with you.

We would love to meet with you if that is what you desire. We are open to any form of communication you are comfortable with. If you choose us as parents we want to send you pictures and updates about the child. We would also like a more open relationship with you after the child is born. We pray God's blessing on you and know this is a very difficult and uncertain time. Please know that we care deeply for you and your child.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at 888-933-2287


Erica and Brian Sands

The Easttey Family; Adopting Again

What grew out of a casual "what if" conversation became a hosting experience with a young man from the Ukraine. We were blessed to host a child who will turn 13 this summer. Our adoption home study just took longer than we anticipated and we're eager to bring Max home. We are so very grateful for the five children we already have and yet just hoping that it works out that we can have one more.

Surprise surprise surprise

In telling our family story, this chapter is the second adoption. When we were first married we were told we might not be able to have children and became foster parents we eventually adopted our oldest daughter but also we're blessed with four children of our own. Several years ago feeling some burden for children from South America who were fleeing to our country by the thousands, we begin to question the possibility a foster care and adoption again. This past Christmas we were blessed to host a child from the Ukraine and knew immediately he was a great fit for our family.
So many people have been so supportive through this process and continue to ask how they can support our family as we move forward in the international adoption process. We are grateful to NightLight adoptions and Adoption Bridge for this opportunity.
As we get closer to finalizing all of the paperwork we feel very much like we did when beoming parents earlier in our lives; experiencing both excitement and a little bit of fear.
We want to thank all our friends and family who have encouraged and supported us so far and we just rely on God and the verse found in Matthew 19:26 where God promises, "With man this is impossible but With God all things are possible".
Thanks again we'll keep you posted

Ostwald Adventures

Once God tells you there are children out there that you need to go and get, it's impossible to ignore. Whatever obstacle, whatever doesn't matter. A parent's heart is now driven to get that child. It doesn't matter what country or skin color . It doesn't even matter if you are already blessed with children or have had the heart break of loss. Someone else has your child and you have to bring them home. James 1:27 - the purest religion is to take care of the orphan. That is God's heart. To think that there would be no attempts to hinder that by His enemy is ignorant. For us, the obstacle is only finances. We wouldn't ask for it if it wasn't and it can be overwhelming if we get our eyes off of our Creator.
We are in the process of adopting multiple children from Bulgaria. We are excited at the possibility of returning to this sweet country. I was able to go as a missionary in 2013 & knew God had put it in my heart for a reason.
Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity with us. Please pray for us & our adventure! It's about to get crazy around here!:)
The Ostwalds